Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Trekking for Muslim Aid's Rainbow Family

Assalamu alaykum
I've haven't posted or blogged in ages now, but because of my upcoming trek (and In Sha Allah upcoming fundraisers), I wanted to blog about it and share the news and update you on how the fundraising is going and possible future fundraisers I may be organizing or participating in

So basically, I'm fundraising alongside about 30 other students of my year group (Year 11) to help Muslim Aid's Rainbow Family which the flagship orphan sponsorship programme of Muslim Aid.

As part of our fundraising quest, we want to do a trek with Muslim Aid on Wales largest mountain, Mt. Snowdon. However we also decided to collect money but we require your support to help us help thousands of children worldwide.

And our aim to collect is about £30,000 (may seem a tad impossible but is still feasible... with the number of activities we'll be running).

Now, you may ask but why during your GCSE years are you fundraising. You see, we were moved by the facts of child poverty and the difficulties that children face. Below are some of the many facts of child poverty.

Did you know?
Poverty kills
There are 1 billion children worldwide living in poverty (UNICEF)
Every day, 2200 children die because of poverty (UNICEF)

One can do his or her own research to find the many disturbing facts about the number of deaths caused by malnutrition and water-related diseases.

But we can still make a difference, a donation of at least £25 will help sponsor a child for a month. 
Muslim Aid's Rainbow Family has helped and aspired thousands of children to achieve their dreams (one case study shows a sponsored child grew to become a doctor). But this cannot be achieved without your support and donations. £25 may only buy you a shirt or cardigan but £25 will provide a child with food, clothing, education and shelter for a month.

If you wish to donate please donate by either clicking on the Sponsor Me image next to this post (if you're reading this at the time of this post...) or click here

The Prophet (pbuh) said:
"I and the person who looks after an orphan and provides for him, will be in Paradise like this," putting his index and middle fingers together.

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Back to Blogger

Assalamu alaykum
Long, long time no blog on this blog
Anyway, just wanted to say, I've moved blogger accounts to tayyib14@gmail.com and have began a fundraising blog
Please visit and support me by clicking here

For those of you who want to know me again, I'm now in my GCSE's and am fundraising for Muslim Aid's Rainbow Family (I go on hiatus alot when it comes to fundrasing) and you have realised my English has gone better (signficantly compared to before)

Jazakullah Khairun