Wednesday, 4 February 2009


Throughout the week it had been snowing heavily. It was very deep and cold. Many schools were shut on Monday and Tuesday, the were many plane and transport (Buses and Trains) delays and cancellations. All Heathrow planes were closed on Monday. (There were less on Tuesday) It was a big shock hearing that ice was going to came and freeze all the snow sadly on Tuesday! It's been 18 years til it had snowed like that. Today, people had returned to work and school.

Monday when my family and I went to garden and made had a snowball fight! My sister thought that we had went to the park and I kept on laughing hearing that!! Everyone went out to play in the snow. It was deeper the second time I had went out, my Mum hadn't wore gloves and was playing in the snow! My brother destroyed the snowman and had created a snowball fight. (Everyone went the first time)

Tuesday my nephew and his younger brother came and like normally my sister would say if they wanted to watch Tom and Jerry and had watch parts of it. They played and played, by the end they stopped and had to go. As they reached the car, my nephew swiftly reached to it but his younger brother stop til the snow, me and my Mum laughed, he had only stopped because he thought that the snow was slippery so after while my older brother had carried him to the car!

Friday, 30 January 2009

Uncles back now!

Ahumdulllah my Uncles who was kidnapped has returned with the police and another of my Uncles. My Mum said that he was crying so much that very night had returned. So Inshallah we hope that this will not happen again!!!
We have been making lots of Dua and it has been more than a very long and hard month!
My Mum was so happy hearing that he'd came back!

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Book Review: Pete Johnson - Bad Spies Guide

Just reading this fabulous book, wants me to really talk about this book alot!

Bad Spies Guide cover

It's good and I like the book a lot, it's all about this girl called Tasha wanting to be a spy and later becomes one. It's just so exiting and wonderful reading the book by Pete Johnson to.
It was also signed by the author and most people bought it. Love all of the book, it's just so tense and exiting, you just cannot spot explaining it to!!! Love all of it to!!!

Friday, 2 January 2009

Terrible Times

The last couple of months, like my grandmother's death and my father went to Pakistan has been bad. Now my Uncle has been kidnapped! I haven't been very happy since the day I heard about my Uncle's disappearance. Everyone has been praying for his return and is very worried to, about if he has eaten, if he is cold, or if he anyone has hurt him. I have been praying a lot for him to.( To learn the full story, go on happymuslimah)

Islamic and State Schools

Islamic and State have big differences by the playground and classroom sizes. Here is the differences between, the two schools:

1. The classroom and playground sizes
2. Bullying matters
3. Teachers
4. Facilities
5. Education

Here is the similarities of the a State and Islamic school:

1. Subjects

The similarities are very few compared to the differences. I would think that a Islamic School might be have a better environment. By the attention, friends, Subjects and many more things.
But there are things with State Schools to Islamic School too, like money, facilities, playground and classroom sizes too. So I would prefer a Islamic School, than a State School ( I've been in both).