Monday, 29 December 2008

Presents from Pakistan

Today I received presents from Pakistan, alhumdulillah.My mum, my younger sister, me and my older sister had received something from my dad, alhumdulillah.I also received some Atar.My elder brother didn't receive anything, but is allowed something from Ebay. Here is what we received:The food and perfume, above, are all Pakistani things,the blue, dark green, dark red and the transparent case, including the red box are all perfume and Atar. The food above, are all crunchy and Pakistani food. The black and yellow are called Cahina, the white food is called Ravaria, in the jar isn't jam and really is honey and finally inside the pink plastic bag is peanuts.

Above are all , once again Pakistani clothing which is called Shwarkameez and the book is a Hadith book.

When my dad went Pakistan, he had visited:

1. Lahore.
2. Islamabad.
3. And a village near Rawalpindi.( Where my father's family and mother's family mostly lives)


Umm Salihah said...

I'm going to come and visit your dad and eat all your peanuts

Tayyib said...

Ha Ha,