Thursday, 11 December 2008

Pakistani Dad

My dad went to Pakistan at the beginning of December and will be returning in the end of December(Around Boxing Dad)Not just that, all the father's (In England) went Pakistan apart from my middle uncle(who went Hajj),one of my aunties also went to Pakistan,my father,my uncles and his Wife(One of my Aunties)and finally my cousin went Pakistan because my Grandmother had died sadly!My sister is so sad and misses our father alot! We all miss our father's alot and we all inshalllah hope that they all arrive safely!I definitely want all our father's to be safe and happy when they arrive inshallah!
I hope if you parents/family and family friends went to Hajj or any where else,inshallah they will arrive happily and safely! My father will inshallah be back on the 28th of Decemeber which is in near the begining of 2009, alhumdullah!


Umm Salihah said...

Assalam-alaikam Tayyib,

I miss them all too, including your dad who is one of my favouritist people because he is such a nice guy. Hope they are back safe and sound soon insh'Allah. Home isn't the same without them is it?

Tayyib said...

I know it isn't and it feel's a bit weird too, but alhumdallah they cane back safely!