Saturday, 6 December 2008

Family Deaths.

In November 2008, my lovely Grandmother had passed away.That day was a terrible day and I was very,very sad,later that terrible day my aunties,uncles and some of my family friends were all crying tears of sadness.That day until today has been very sad and I can't forget those lovely and wonderful times. Everyone was sad and not just my family were crying but also my family friends (most friends were from my mum).I just can't forget that day.On that day and onwards I have remembered her through my Salah. I just have to say I miss her from that Day!


fishspeaks said...


It was by chance that I clicked on your blog. Sorry to learn of your grandmother's passing. I was very touched by what you wrote. I believe she is in a safer and happier place. Take care.

Tayyib said...

Thank you.